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    2008    Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Painting, 

                  Master of Arts degree in the Humanities

    1997    Art Academy of Latvia, Department of  Design, Bachelor of Arts



    2020    Models, The Riga Porcelain Museum, Riga, Latvia

    2019    Personal code, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

    2017    Tomorrow Isn't Promised, Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia

    2014    Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia

    2012    Nativus, Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia (catalogue)

    2009    Neighbors, Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia

    2008    The Human Pepper, Alma Gallery, Riga, Latvia (catalogue)



    2020    Kaunas Bone China symposium participants exhibition,

                Kaunas Picture gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

    2019     Fear Not, Zuzāns Collection Exhibition about the Uncanny, Riga, Latvia

    2018     Dark Gardens, The contemporary ceramics and porcelain

                 exhibition, Kalnciema Quarter Gallery, Riga, Latvia

    2015     Captive Beauty in Miniature, Māksla XO Gallery, Riga, Latvia

    2014     START 2014, Alma Gallery exposition, Saatchi Gallery, London

    2013     The Museum Chooses. Acquisitions of the Latvian National Museum of Art

                  in 2012.  Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia

                 Creanature, Kaunas, Lithuania

    2011     Litographers VIII, Māksla XO Gallery, Riga, Latvia

                 The Playful Eight, Latvian artists exhibition,

                 One Twentyeight Gallery, New York 

    2010     Rudens. Recycle. Process, Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

                 Exhibition #2, The Museum of Everything,  A Festival of Independents

                 No soul for sale,  Tate Modern Gallery, London          

    2009     Form. Color. Line. Academy students thesis exhibition.

                 Riga city exhibition hall Riga Art  Space, Riga, Latvia

    2008     Autumn 080808, I’m Georgian!

                 Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

    2003     Autumn 2003,

                 State Museums of Art Exhibition Hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

    2002     Art Days 2002,  Riga, Latvia

    1999     I. Zariņ’š Creative Studio annual exhibition, Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia



    2020    Kaunas Bone China symposium, Kaunas, Lithuania

    2012     Nomination for Purvitis Award (Solo Show Nativus at  Alma Gallery)

    2013     Resiency : Creanature, Salakas, Lithuania

    2010     Workshop AIZ - artists residency, Aizpute, Latvia



    Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia

    Works held in private collections in Latvia, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Denmark.